NIX Cardano Stake Pool

BeastieWelcome to [NIX] Pool. By delegating your ADA to this pool you will help Cardano Network be more diverse. This Pool run its Block Producer Node on a Bare-metal server with FreeBSD operative system. You will also help me pay my tuition since I do not have too much income for that and I always wanted to go to University. On the other side, you will also help people in need. I will donate 18% of Pool total earnings.

As a summary:

  1. Server side:
    • Rock solid environment
    • High availability
    • Automate everything
    • Security focused
    • Uptime
  2. Community
    • YouTube content about different topics: Cardano, Unix SysAdmin, DevOps, Stake Pool Tips
  3. Charity
    • Donate 18% of pool rewards to people in need
    • 82% Pool income to pay server bills and help me beggining University